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Our policy on the rules Empty Our policy on the rules

Post  Admin on 12/25/2008, 4:06 pm

We would like to take a moment to address our position on the rules of the board and enforcement of violations. We will try to keep this very brief, as we do not have huge amounts of time to spend moderating, nor should we need to. We have very few rules and we ask that you make every effort to please adhere to these rules.

Board Rules
The purpose of this board is to be a resource to provide information, education, discussions and a venue of social interaction with the hopes of uniting industries and professionals with the public for the benefit of the animals, including the human animal. It is also our hope that with this process, we can weed through and clarify much of the misinformation that is rampant in these areas and in turn detrimental and harmful.

Site Standards
Upon registering to post on this site you "AGREE" to a very basic set of rules and to post according to those rules and any rules that may need to be added at a later time.
We would like to take a moment to emphasize that it is also required that you, the user, post in a "civil, respectful manner, within the spirit of the board".


We ask that all posters be responsible for their own actions and words and only their own actions and words and do not involve, compare, or address the actions of other posters.

Copyright / Fair Use / DMCA
** PLease Note: By posting on this site you, the user, also FULLY and COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND and AGREE to post in accordance with Copyright/"Fair Use"/DMCA laws and, you, the user, assume and take "full and sole responsibilty and liabilty" for any violations of those laws and any subsequent penalties that may arise from said violations. You also understand and agree to hold, the owner of this board and it's hosting company, service provider, affiliates, employees and volunteers, harmless against any resulting litgations, claims, damages, costs or any other penalites thusly related.
Please, with Copyright/"Fair Use"/DMCA laws in mind and only when applicable, post only reasonable and pertinent excerpts of any material with coinciding links to the orginal material, site, etc. and please respect the copyright of any said material or site.
Any posts that we, the board administration, deem are not in compliance, with said laws, will be edited or removed. Violators may be subject to revokation of site membership and such determination will be solely at the discretion of the board administration.

For reference:

The owner if this board is not responsible for the postings of it's users. Any user of this board renounces to take any legal action against and hold harmless, the owner of this board, its' service provider, it's hosting company, or any invidivual connected therein, in any and all cases of legal proceeding, claims, actions, taken by a third-party against him/her as a result of any and all misuses of this site, illegal activities, or as a result of any and all postings made herein. Any entity seeking or filing litigations, claims, damages here by resolve to only hold responsible the originating user of said posted materials.

Our goal is to actually provide very little administrative interference and we feel if these very simple basic rules are followed everyone will have a pleasant enjoyable time.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

-Board Administration


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